Our Philosophy

Our passion for cooking delicious food is only rivaled by our passion for spreading joy to those around us quote

GURU THE CATERER has embarked on a new mission: Promote joy, flavor and nutrition through fresh, healthy and delicious food. At Guru the Caterer, food is cooked fresh in small batches every day. This keeps every day's menu fresh and also fits with our belief of avoiding needless wastage, even at the risk of some dishes running out before the close of business. We approach each day's menu like we are cooking for our family, but on a larger scale. The love we pour into making our food is readily apparent and cherished by all of our customers, many of whom return multiple times every week.

Guru the Caterer's customers are a community of people who appreciate simple, healthy and tasty food. We believe in nurturing relationships; our customers are our friends, our source of inspiration, and satisfaction. Our commitment also extends to our staff, whose happiness results in a happy food experience for our customers. Guru the Caterers closes in Somerville by 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday and is closed Sundays to allow all employees the day off to spend time together with family.

We hope you all enjoy a happy, healthy and delicious meal.